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  • Mini CRM

    Easily manage your contacts with our smart mailing CRM
  • Personalized fields

    The personalized fields module will help you learn more about your customers.
  • Quick import

    Import contacts through a variety of formats, from almost anywhere
  • List managment

    Create and manage an unlimited number of mailing lists. Break down the existing data into different target audiences.
  • A/B testing

    A/B testing allows you to take a smart decision when you must choose between two options.
  • Smart design

    Custom fit a design template to the exact needs of your target audience.
  • Data metrics

    Who opened my newsletter? Who didn’t? Our wise metrics system allows you to easily follow your message turnout.
  • Targeting options

    Break down relevant data in order to target your audience.
  • Text away

    Advanced & automated text options that allow you to personalize your mobile messages.
  • API mailing system

    Transform your mailing system into an integral part of your website or application.
  • Smartphone campaigns

    Your one stop shop for creating your very own smartphone campaign.
  • Master account

    Manage multiple email accounts for customers.
  • Implemented pictures

    What you send is what they see! Sent images are immediately viewable when your customers open their mail.
  • Birthday tracker

    Congratulate your customers on their birthday by easily keeping track of their dates.
  • Custom templates

    Got an amazing-looking newsletter? Turn it into a template. It's as easy as a click of a button!
  • Designed templates

    Get access to professional, beautifully designed templates to give your website the aesthetic edge it needs. No sweat. No problem.
  • Landing page creator

    Build an independent landing page to generate leads.