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כרמית קזז – סטייליסטית
כרמית קזז – לוגו

Carmit Kazaz – Stylist.

Behind the Scenes with smoove Users / Carmit Kazaz – Stylist


How to Build an Automated Event Registration and Order Management Process: The Milk & Honey Story

מזל כהן
מזל כהן - לוגו

Mazal Cohen

Managing complex distribution lists and automations that work for you, easily by yourself!

דקלה ואסף אפשטין
לוגו - זוגיטל

Dikla & Asaf

Elevating User Experience: Maximizing Efficiency with Automation

Active Mode

Managing Digital Courses, Online Workshops, and Customers Club – All in One System

האופטימיות - לוגו

The Optimistic

How ‘The Optimistic’ Saves Significant Time in her business with Automated Processes

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increase in deals closure
0 %

Manage an automated follow-up process for quotes

increase in revenue from abandoned carts in online stores
0 %

Create tailored automations for e-commerce management

increase in conversions
0 %

Conduct a data-driven personalized customer journey

increase in revenue from repeat purchases
0 %

Create custom automations for e-commerce management

of unpaid customers will settle their payments
0 %

Set up an automated collections process


Email Marketing

Create professionally designed newsletters using ready-made and easy-to-use templates. Strengthen your relationship with your contacts, and build a loyal customers’ community that will keep coming back for more, and also spread the word about you to friends - through automated, personalized, and value-filled emails.

Marketing Automation

Create automated customer journeys using an intuitive Drag & Drop method, simply and professionally. Using automations, you can manage personalized relationships with each customer, generate more leads, and save time wasted on repetitive manual tasks in your business.

Landing Page Builder

Create professionally designed landing pages using ready-made and easy-to-use templates. Provide an amazing customer experience and increase conversion rates - use data collection forms, payment options and products purchase, manage events registration, add contact buttons, behind-the-scenes automated customer journeys, and more.

WhatsApp / SMS Messages

Send WhatsApp and SMS messages easily and quickly for wide distribution. Reach your contacts with your message anytime, anywhere! Send personalized messages, surveys, and content-focused smartphone campaigns, and integrate 'Smart Links' to start automated processes and behind-the-scenes customer journeys.

Digital Courses

It's time to create your own Online Course! With smoove, you can share your knowledge independently of time and location and add steady income to your business. Using various tools, you can manage registration, limit access with passwords if necessary, set the pace of lesson exposure, connect automation processes, maintain contact with participants, collect and analyze data on participation patterns, and more.

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