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Marketing Automation

Wish you could do things faster, simpler, more... automated? smoove Marketing Automation tool is easy to setup and run, letting you talk to, target and engage your customers more effectively than ever before. It helps save you tonnes of time by removing all those repetitive tasks when contacting your customer. The best thing about it is you need ZERO experience to set it all up. Get started fast with smoove's Marketing Automation tool.

Free for 100 contacts. Keep your credit card in your wallet
  • Automatic Messaging

    Put time back into your day and always make the right impression.

    Automation makes sure no interaction falls through the cracks and first impressions always hit the mark by setting up a series of personal, timed emails so you never lose touch with prospects & customers.
  • Drag & Drop Automation

    Create the perfect customer path in minutes with our simple to use interface.

    Use our drag & drop feature to easily add and remove automation elements such as adding subscribers to lists, or sending out automatic emails based on a users' email or landing page response.
  • Targeting Options

    Make all your communication to your customers personal and relevant.

    Slice and dice your database of customers into as many segments as you like. This way you can target your audience with the most relevant content and provide a personalized experience.
  • A/B Testing

    Drive more engagement and conversion by finding out what content really works.

    Use our A/B testing tool to set up two options so you can continually test and implement the smartest choice. This will help you optimize everything so it all works really smoove.
  • I can easily build visual flows from scratch using smoove's drag-and-drop interface. Thank you for helping me to better nurture and engage my customers. It makes such a great impact for my bottom line.
    Mark Ibory
    Retail, Durban, South Africa
  • Data Metrics

    Maximize your customers engagement and grow sales with smoove’s live data metrics.

    Use our metrics tool to see exactly how many leads are moving through your communication path or as we call it, automation flow and all in real time.
  • Personalized

    Maximise conversion and strengthen the relationship with your customers and prospects.

    Our advanced and automated text options and personalized fields module does all the hard work for you so you can personalize all your messaging simply and easily and always provide relevant content.
  • Multi-Triggered Actions

    Maximize your customer experience by making every communication relevant.

    When your customer interacts with your email or form you can create multiple actions (put users on different list, send emails), or different actions if users interact in different ways (email, landing page, etc).
  • Smart Solutions

    Grow your sales and talk to your customers better than ever before with our smart solutions.

    We interact seamlessly with platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. Send your customers the right content, offer or response and receive interactions from any external e-commerce platform.

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Free for 100 contacts. Keep your credit card in your wallet