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Automated Text Messages

People spend more time with the phones than with their friends and family and it is always within 5 feet of them. smoove’s Automated text messaging lets you reach your customers any place and any time with personalized targeted content directly to their phones. It’s fast, simple, easy and most of all you need ZERO experience to set it all up… Start using Automated Text messages today.

Free for 100 contacts. Keep your credit card in your wallet
  • Personalized

    Maximize conversion and strengthen the relationship with your customers and prospects.

    smoove’s advanced and automated text options and personalized fields module does all the hard work for you so you can personalize all your messaging simply and easily.
  • Data Metrics

    Maximize your customers engagement and grow sales with data metrics.

    Create the most effective communication path based on understanding exactly what works best for your visitors with smoove’s clear and easy to follow data metrics.
  • List Management

    Make all your communication personal and relevant for each of your customers.

    Slice and dice your database of customers and prospects into segments so you can target your audience with the most relevant content and provide a personalized experience.
  • Smart Campaigns

    Create the best customer experience and give your forms the highest response rates.

    When you link a Smart Campaign to your SMS you can include all existing contact data within the form so you can always get new data from your customers.
  • Mobile Campaign

    Collect leads faster than ever by collecting data when your customers are on the move.

    Our mobile campaigns can be added to all SMS messaging so when contacts receive it they can click directly to a mobile landing page (or any mobile page) to complete your forms.
  • Automatic Messaging

    Make a great first impression and provide value straight away to your customers.

    Send personalized automated text messages to communicate with your new customers so you can always provide the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

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Free for 100 contacts. Keep your credit card in your wallet